Sunday, February 11, 2007


Doug Feith Made the Entire Case for War, After the War

Doug Feith's office made the entire case for war, that Saddam controlled al Qaeda, and they did it 6 months after the invasion.

To summarize: Kevin Drum quotes an article written by Stephen Hayes about a memo, drafted in Oct. 2003, as if it were Doug Feith's words. He insinuates that he lied and railroaded us into the Iraq war with a memo written 6 months after the invasion and based much on intelligence gathered as a result of the invasion.

Words matter, so do false attributions and dates.

UPDATE: Apparently, providing both actual and likely instances of Saddam/al Qaeda relations is the same as using the politically charged phrase "Operational Relationship".


Seems as though ABC News was making the assertion of Iraq/Osama in 2000. I don't recall seeing Feith in this ABC report.

The above link is video BY ABC News, via

re Saddam Ties:

re wmd

The belief in the Bush lied myth remains based on the accusations, not the results of investigations, historical fact, or reality. It's purely partisan inorgin, support, and survival. NINE YEARS after UBL himself gave HIS three reasons for declaring war on the US-all three of which revolve around the US war in Iraq, people still believe the US war with Iraq from 1990-2003 is completely seperate from the US war with Al Queda from 1992-today.
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