Wednesday, June 28, 2006


New Toy

I bought a new toy. I ordered an apple 15" PowerBook Pro. It also came with 30GB iPod for an additional $90. Also, for another $90.00, I upgraded to the faster hard drive. I can't wait to get it, unfortunately it might be several weeks.

Buying it online was a pain in the ass. They may have a good product, but company runs like big government. After I picked everything I wanted out and went to purchase it, I found out that they do not deliver to APO addresses. The website said to go through AAFES. I went to a AAFES, they didn't have anything in store. The catalog said to use the AAFES website. The website was incredibly slow and of course there were no apple computers. Finally I ordered the computer to my cousins house and will have him forward it to me. This really sucks because now I have to pay Michigan tax and probably over $100.00 for shipping.

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