Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Blessing in Disguise

The other day IT was in here to hook the nextdoor trailer up to our network. They needed to move my desk to get at the box, and when they did it collapsed. It just couldn't be put together again (it was warped).

Good. I hated my desk.

For one, I hate the height of desks. They are always too high.

I made my own desk out of stuff we had around and parts of the old desk. It was much better, the right height and the side of the old desk was just the right size for the top. However, because it wasn't fixed, my supervisor made me get ride of it (safety hazard). So now I'm using a printer stand from the office nextdoor and the drawer unit from my old desk (nice that I didn't have to move my things around).

Unfortunately it is the same height as a desk. Having experienced the comfort of an appropriately tall desk, I went to the carpentry shop yard and took a small platform to elevate my chair. Problem solved.

The only existing problem is that the printerstand is a couple inches smaller than the desk-side, which was perfect--just the right amount of workspace and small enough to keep the area open. It's a bit inconvient for shuffling papers. Oh well, can't win 'em all. But still, I like the smaller top better than the full size desktop, which for some reason, was no better for shuffling papers.

I got rid of my chair a while ago. Again (why does office funiture suck so much?), poor height, took up too much space, and I hate arm rests. I saw an article on people using exercise balls for desk chair so I gave it a try. It's much more comfortable and there are no restrictive, mispositioned armrests! And only $15 a pop (ha). The only inconvenience is having to reposition it everytime I sit down.[update : I bought a carpet remnant, so no more rolling away.]

Here's a pic (yeah, I just discovered I can upload pics today):

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