Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Tax the Poor

In response to my recent post, Jonathan at Chicagoboyz raised concerns that a large number of voters, who influence spending decisions, would not be taxed. This could lead to reckless spending [very true].

Personally, I don't think that eliminating taxes is going to encourage people to vote more. They system will not increase the power of the voting block (a very idealogically diverse block) affected. Also, I don't see taxes as a major factor in people's decisions to advocate spending with the current system, and I don't see voters as having much influence on politicians' spending decisions under the current system. In anycase, failsafes can be designed into the system to prevent that from happening and to scrap the system if it does.

If a progressive tax policy encourages reckless spending, being that spending is a primary concern among voters and pundits, shouldn't we be advocating a tax hike that is focused on the masses. This should make voters more involved with how politicians are spending our money.

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