Tuesday, April 18, 2006



As of late, a major talking point has been Bush’s low approval rating. Most people attribute this to the negative approval of the speed and cost of the war in Iraq. However, I don’t believe that the polls showing disapproval for the handling of the war reflect on how people feel about it. They are mostly the result of not being able to observe assured, lasting achievement. I think they can be easily changed if success is seen to finally take root (and is perhaps defined more realistically, instead of expecting Iraq to become some Super Pro-American Super Progressive Democracy).

I think that where Bush is weakest is that he is seen as a political tool. He is completely subservient to congress. Bush’s approval rating is so low not because of Iraq, but because he lets congress, which has long had lower approval ratings, have free reign. Bush hasn’t lived up to his obligation to be a check on the hundreds of politicians who are disapproved of more than him. He has been oblivious to mismanagement of funds in Iraq and Defense Spending. He has poured money into Katrina Relief without concern for results. He has funded deficits with short-term debt, leaving us at the mercy of rising interest rates.

His fear of micro-managing has given the crooks free reign.

Time to take a stand, pussy.

I don't know. You may be right. I agree that Bush has failed to control spending and probably doesn't even care about it. I think he probably wants to do the right thing on the war but lacks the rhetorical skill and ideological focus to convince many Americans to go with his program. Or maybe he is at a point where he expects the next president to do the work (e.g., on Iran). Time will tell.
I agree.
Odd. Most folks seem to think that Bush has been arrogant and high handed when it comes to congress -- expecting them to pass whatever he demands of them. Even the reps. in congress are getting annoyed that the whitehouse never listens to them.
There seems to be a quid pro quo.
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