Thursday, February 09, 2006


Not Publishing Cartoons Is Not Censorship

Wolf Blitzer relayed the best bit of moral equivalence yet last night when he was interviewing the cleric who created the cartoon controversy. To paraphrase:

"Why do you think we didn't see rioting and protests like this when people were being kidnapped and heads cut off?"

Many countries and papers have chosen not to publish the incitive cartoons. Some call this censorship, but there is nothing wrong with not publishing the cartoons. The most important aspect of the cartoon controversy has been overlooked.

The Cartoons Suck!

They are not clever or amusing. I am offended that they received any attention at all.If they were funny or interesting, I would be all for them being published globally. I want to see who is so fucking off their rocker that a cartoon sets him off. Maybe even a few of the radical idiots will kill each other. I'm all for it. It's just like Iraq. If our presence there radicalizes people, GREAT! I'd rather they be open about it. I want them to go underground and blow themselves up instead of passively propagating their fragile ideology. Pussies.

But the cartoons suck.

I liked the pen and ink of Mohammed with the bomb turban. That seems to have gotten them really going. Plus the one with the two cute girls in burkas (very sexy eyes) with the beard-O with the black cut out over his eyes. Very pithy.

Two out of ten isn't so bad.

Bruce Dearborn Walker
They do not all suck. Like the previous poster, I completely agree that the "censored eyes" and "turban bomb" made very cutting satire of the current state of Islam. They might not have been that funny, but the "Stop Stop We're all out of virgins" was hilarious. Especially good was the one where the artist anticipates the violence and sublimely has Muhammed restraining his violent protesters by looking at one of the cartoons and saying its "only by an ubelieving Dane."

It just may be harder for you to laugh I geuss
If making an image or likeness of he "The Prophet" is forbidden, just how does anyone know that these (bad) "cartoons" are in fact of "The Prophet" ?

I noticed that Omar indicates that in the Middle East (or at least Iraq) Muslims have some real disparaging jokes about "The Prophet" (no examples given) and as far as he knows, the jokes never started a riot.

Perhaps someone can get a line on these jokes to make some good "cartoons" about "The Prophet that has no "authorized" recorded image but everyone can recognize".

And these guys who have been going about with the (bad) "cartoons" remind me of the Bible thumpers who carry around copies to Playboy and Penthouse to show people just how bad they are. "They only read the stories" of course.
The cartoons suck is an exageration, I guess. The virgin one is pretty good. I guess I'm a bit overly critical.
This cartoon is much funnier.
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