Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Danish Catoons


Sorry to anyone who is disgusted by these images.

If you have gone beyond disgust to anger, you should be ashamed. You have failed the radical acid test, do you like who you are becoming?

Hi, I am Anne, a Dane.This is the first time I see all the 12 cartoons. I can see some of them are pretty hostile to muslims... But only a few of them, huh?
Yes, I'd agree. I don't know that they are really hostile to muslims. They really are making fun of the radical stereotype and that muslims are allowing themselves to represented by radicals.
In truth, G-d cannot be mocked, even if you try. It might also be important to not that Muhammed is not G-d, and the worship of false idols is verboten in Islam as well.
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