Sunday, January 15, 2006


Willing to Reserve Judgement of Times for Leak Publication

Common sense tells us that opertional security was likely significantly compromised by the NSA leak publication. This seems different than the rendition revelation in that most of the damage there appears to be cosmetic and the revelation may actually have led to improvement of operations.

I am, however, willing to reserve judgement of the Times for publication of the NSA wiretapping program. I would consider the possibility that the administration and the military were complicit in the publication; perhaps the program had outlived its usefulness and al Queda reaction is of more value. Perhaps the appearance of weakness and the superficial blackeye on the Administration are useful.

I think you give the NYT too much credit. I'm more likely to believe they either timed this for PR reasons - no terrorist attacks in the US lately, so now's a good time to spill the beans on security issues! - or their source has dried up.

Still, it's an interesting question that is raised. How to balance the executive branch's desire to protect us from attack against an over-reaching and overly instrusive government? This oughtta be up for debate in congress, however, they're a little too busy these days stuffing money in their pockets and holding kangaroo hearings. You know, important stuff.

I also agree with Jon that the NSA has been monitoring communications for many, many years; at least on the international scene. After 9/11 I suspect they were directed to do whatever was necessary to protect us, we'll deal with the legalities later. Well, I guess now is later.
It was meant to be a little tongue-in-cheek, but it could be a good way to spin things so all parties benefit.
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