Monday, June 23, 2008


Two Lights

Getting rid of traffic lights has been proposed for certain metro areas.

Getting rid of stop signs has also been proposed. I think this is a good idea. The vast majority of stop signs could replaces with yields, the rest eliminated, to the benefit of safety and traffic.

But the remaining traffic lights? I don't think we need them most of them. We don't need the red anyway. We should only have two traffic signals: Yield and Don't Yield.

With just green and yellow lights, we could help keep traffic moving and help it clear more easily when it does form.

Green means Don't Yield. Yellow means Yield. If you have a yellow, other traffic has the right of way. If there are cars in the interesection, you must yield to them. Changes to Yield would overlap other traffic. Like current yellow lights, if you are unable to stop, you may continue.

You don't actually drive, do you?
Great for cars; bad for people and bikes! I want the opposite. I want No Turn on Red for all major intersections, even in the suburbs. Here people refuse to believe that pedestrians have the right of way, and will turn even as a person steps into a crosswalk.
Yeah, I quickly gave up trying to ride my bike to work. People just don't pay attention, especially in the morning and in traffic. I figure it would probably be safer to spend the day in Iraq than pedal in to work.
Yours isn't a well thought out idea! What about at busy intersections? A constant flow of traffic with a green light would result in a huge backup of crossing traffic with a yellow light.
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