Thursday, May 15, 2008


Giffen Behavior in Driving

One more plausible rational reason why fuel efficiency continues to decline.

Perhaps there is Giffen Behavior in driving. If the cost of driving goes up, we may get more demand for driving.

People are pressured to forgo luxery driving during off-peak hours, but must drive more during peak hours to produce a needed increase in income.

Added: And people are only willing to do so much driving in a day or week. People must drive more during congested times and are too tired to take the family out or take that country drive to visit grandma. Maybe mom and dad don't even want to be in a car any more.

Other interests I have are being a mother, wife, friend, daughter,
grand-daughter and sister. Generally, this begins with a soil sample
to determine the type of soil, the fertilizer requirements,
and the water usage needed. I don’t think Chihuly has
to worry about me, but I smile now every time I water the garden — no matter
how hot it is — and it has been hot.

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