Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Grand Mosque

I was able to get into Kuwait City yesterday on a tour of the Mosque and al Kout Mall.

First, let me thank you for your service to my sanity. I was under the impression that no one but I can see the whole messy thing going down the crapper. Anyway, to take your mind off the fiscal disaster on the horizon.

Have you ever want to visit another galaxy or other planets? Have you ever want to see a werewolf, see vampire plants? Travel back in time, visit the moons of Jupiter, fight in a robot war, or ride a dragon? Then this is the book for you.
Earth’s end has arrived due to a man made virus and pollution of air, water and land. Even the Anti-Christ is desperate to get off the Earth before the end. A space lottery selects 200 brave souls to colonize a distant planet named Caldoria. Unfortunately, the ship pops out of its time/space warp and is severely damaged by a meteor shower. Oxygen is running out. All appears hopeless or is it. In order to save the planet he loves, our hero is forced to travel from world to world to find himself and to learn to know and love GOD.
The book will not make you smarter, but it take you on a mind journey. Available exclusively on Amazon Kindle for download to Kindle and other electronic devices at only $2.99.

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