Friday, March 18, 2005



Back in my undergrad, I learned from my Classic Civ class that the traditional definition of Martyr is someone who subjects themself to an unjust law to draw attention and compassion and effect change in that unjust law, similar to Ghandi's passive resistance techniques. So, are suicide-mass murderer-bombers protesting Allah's law that bombs will rip you apart and send the bomber onto eternal damnation?

Your questions are good, but I believe the underlying cause is those who choose to become suicide bombers (and yes it is a choice)are attention seekers who lack the understanding that there are other ways to be seen. They lack true faith in what they are fighting for (death is the easy way out). Does the cause truly benefit from being one follower short because he/she blow up a bus transporting individuals who have no care for the issue that he/she was so willing to give their lives?
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