Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Miles Per Gallon

13 Month Moving Average

Vehicle Miles Driven is from DOT.

Gasoline Consumption is from EIA.

My guess is that DOT over estimates VMT and/or EIA under estimates product supplied, leading to the high MPG calculated.

What's important here is the trend.

UPDATE:Finished Motor Gasoline doesn't include diesel. New numbers with diesel here.

28 mpg is too high. US DOT data says average passenger car gets 20mpg. Add an explanation.
I simply used total vehicle miles traveled from DOT divided by Gallons of Finish Motor Gasoline Consumed (column S times 1000 divided by 0.0322580645 barrel/gallon). This would inclued all vehicles including motor cycles.
My guess is that DOT over estimates VMT and EIA may under estimate gasoline consumption.

The important thing here is the trend.
A lot of gasoline is not taxed - farm usage and government usage. So the source for the gallons number must be known.

Vehicle miles is always an estimate. It can't be anything else. And I doubt bureaus bust their butts to refine their methods when driving habits change, new highways open, etc.
Finished Motor Gasoline doesn't include Diesel, that's called Distillate Fuel Oil.

New numbers here
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